Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy holidays!

  Well, due to the awesome fact that Christmas is almost here, I thought, it may not hurt to post something a little bit more... you know, christmassy. Though you may find Santa wielding a blunt weapon quite strange, fear not, there is a reason. 
   I've been doing for quite some time now, a few tests, experiments, on small paper formats. Trying to find "my way" when it comes to drawing, composition, inking, stuff like that, while having fun and enjoy drawing for it's playful nature. Recently my "new thing" so to say have been big, fat, bold, horny, old beardy men... Yeah! Vikings! So...yeah. Merry Christmas everybody! And happy holidays!

p.s. I'm truly sorry I can't post more, I don't have a scanner at the moment, and my camera decided to become a bird a few days ago. Might I say, it had a smashing experience pretending to be one.



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