Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chat noir.

Hello again!

I've been working on an ink drawing for a friend. She absolutely loves black cats and reading so I had to come up with something in the line of what you're gonna see below. I got inspired quite a bunch by Théophile Steinlen's iconic "Chat Noir" poster, I mean that was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard the words black cat. Yet another reminder of how powerful an image can be hehe. Anyway, I can't compare mine to that, but, it is pretty cute. Here it is.

Really curious if she's gonna like it.

I've invested quite a bit of thinking on the composition but none on color, so I'm probably gonna leave it like this. It looks a bit better on paper than it does scanned, you know, just in ink. It's traditionally inked using pen and quills and nibs and brushes and quite some time.
Here's the pencil.

Initially I was planning on doing some celtic knots instead of those circles, like the almost Dara Knot that's around the cat's head, but that proved a bit too difficult for me, considering the really small size of the circles. Oh yeah I did this on an A4 format. I'm not gonna post the wee sketches I did for this. So...yeah, that's about it. Hope you guys like it, and I hope she likes it as well. Now i'm off looking for a frame for this thing.


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